A. Gardens on Wheels

We will design and build gardens from egg-size to shoe box size. They have to have wheels.
The gardens may not contain real plants. There could also be ceramics, wood, papier-mâché,… plants inside.
There will be a parade of "gardens on wheels" at each meeting. It can be small and intimate or having big audience and a lot of publicity.
Each participating school brings at least one garden on wheels. The hosting school might present more. The parade will be documented on video. All videos will be collected and combined to show the parade moving through Europe.

Video Garden on Wheels, Paimio
(19 Mb — wmv)

Video Garden on Wheels, Wissembourg
(54 Mb — wmv)

Video Garden on Wheels


B. Biology Experiments

The participating schools send seeds of plants to each other. At each school students will start, watch and document the germination time/period & growing. (portfolio, report)


C. Inside gardens: Impressions

Stencil Book (14,7 Mb — pdf)


Inside Landscape -

- Outside Landscape

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